What? Another Blog??

Well, yes! I’ve xangaed, myspaced, geocitied, blogspotted, facebooked and now wordpressed. I’m not sure why the jumping around, other than for the excitement…lol. Oh, I sill facebook~ who doesn’t? But I’m blogshopped out now, and I truly hope that this one sticks.

I’m a wife, mother, and an artist. Mother and artist is pretty much synonomous (I suppose wife is too…). Who hasn’t had to “artistically” attend to a mommy situation, from “we’ve run out of diapers!!” (we cloth diaper- yay GroBaby!!) as we’re running out the door for church to the little princess who decided to show her creative side using mushy peas as her medium~ down herself, the chair, the table, the rug, the cat.

I aim to be the best mother and wife I can be, not perfect, just MY best. I have a sign in my living room that states: “Martha doesn’t live here. And that is a good thing.” It is my constant reminder not to get too caught up in the messiness of life, and to just enjoy the creative flow!