Superhero Snot Makers

My children should be renamed The Eternal Font of Everlasting Snot 1 & 2. Trying to clear their colds up and self-banishing us to the home front for one more day, I decided to tackle some spring cleaning (also everlasting, just sneakily renamed for the season, week, hour… in hopes of tricking us into thinking it will end at some point). Of course my beloved snot buckets wanted to help, so I handed out small age appropriate (in other words, things I don’t want to do) tasks and spent the morning alternating tissues and chores. When all was said and done (nap time), I went to clean them up and low and behold they have blue snot! This does not reflect on my daily dusting rituals (lack thereof) whatsoever. I apparently just have awesome blue dust making dust bunnies. And superhero snot makers.


One thought on “Superhero Snot Makers

  1. Jennifer says:

    How did I not know you had this blog?! So glad to have found you. Just stopped by to let you know that they changed the requirements for the Chores Bundle giveaway, so you’ll have to go back and fill out a form. Sorry! It was a misunderstanding on my part. While I’m here, I think I’ll just go ahead and subscribe. 🙂

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