I just made you, and this is crazy… You fixed my floors, I love you baby.

Quick catch up- I had baby number 3, quit my job, and fell in love with my crazy life 🙂 Now, the reason for this post… we have wood floors, and I love them…but you couldn’t tell it with the ever enlarging dry spots and surface scracthes . I’ve tried everything under the sun off the shelf only to be met with bitter disappointment soon after. I resorted to a quick steam mop (not supposed to hurt wood floors…right…) and *almost* resigned myself to the idea of just having someone come in and clean and refinish them.

ImageSee how pitiful?? Oh, yes that is sticker residue north of center. I have kids…three, did I mention that? With a direct sales business that occasionally brings people into our home and three birthdays coming up, I was in near tears over one more person having to see this. So instead of the usual Orange It-Might-Last-A-Week-Glow treatment I would apply the night (sometimes hours) before I expected someone over, I started Googling for answers. Low and behold I was not alone in my torment. In fact, an old school solution so simple it “could never work” kept showing up over and over. I CANNOT take credit for the recipe, it is has been around since the dark ages apparently.

  • 1 Mason Jar
  • 3/4 cup Oil
  • 1/4 cup Vinegar

Shake, shake, shake, shake your…oh never mind… Apply with a soft clean (duh) rag, let sit for a few minutes (depends on the damage) and buff. The wood will really soak it in.

That’s it, really! I used what I had on hand, which was soybean oil and apple cider vinegar, but the standard recipes say olive oil and white vinegar. The results were so immediate and so beautiful that I started to yell for the hubby to come in (who came running because he thought something was wrong) and he was flabbergasted as well. Check out the after ~

ImageYes, I left the sticker residue so you would believe that it was the same floor! Only a few more hundred square feet to go… Miracle working straight from Jesus floor restorer. A second coat with a toothbrush to really get in the crevices should satisfy my OCD quite nicely. Give it a shot!


Note: Separating is totally normal (hello, oil and vinegar!) so recap and shake once in a while during use.