Be still my soul, and steal my wallet

I have to confess, I’m having a love affair. It’s ok, my husband knows all about it (and has known since it started years ago). Granted, he doesn’t condone it, but he puts up with it as long as too much money isn’t spent feeding the obsession. If you don’t know me, by now you’re probably wondering what kind of person announces a love affair via blog. Well, it’s not that kind of affair (what were you thinking???).

I LOVE Amy Butler fabric. Love, love, love. I’ve collected favorite pieces here and there, I’ve used it in my home, in my office and even in my children’s clothing. One of my favorite gifts was a signed pattern book for baby/kids clothes and items I received at my baby shower. Despite living a mere 30 minutes from her studio, I’ve never been there or met her (my husband thinks that is just a little too stalker-ish until I can learn not to squeal with glee at the prospect of randomly running into her every time we are in Granville).

However, she has really done it now. This affair is being taken to an all new level. I opened my email today to find this…


Oh yes, you are seeing that correctly. Amy has a new ribbon line coming out. Swoon. Click on the picture and go check it out. Swoon. Again. Please don’t tell my husband (I suspect he already knows…) or therapy might be required.

P.S. Looking for a contractor to build an addition to store craft supplies…



I’ve wanted to try it for a long time. I’ve been collecting  patterns, learning, and finally came up with my own to make the most adorable pair of frayed crib shoes!! I’m not ready to sit down and make 10 pairs, but I AM getting a lot of ideas that I’ll put into action soon 🙂

As always, they are for sale on Etsy!

Etsy and Maternity Leave?

So I’ve been put on bed rest. Joy. It’s temporary, but still annoying! I’ve taken this time and revamped my Etsy shop. It had been lying dormant for so long I’m honestly surprised it still remembered me. The reason behind all of this? Soon I’ll be on maternity leave. Now, my job doesn’t actually have paid maternity leave, we have medical leave (meaning this bed rest thing is eating into the paid time I saved for maternity leave) and at some point the paycheck is going to dwindle. So here’s my attempt to soften that as much as possible, and still keep food on the table for my soon to be expanding family :). Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!!