Frugal Friday Finds

I’m always on the look out for frugal finds that we can actually use. Here are some that I’ve found lately that I think you would like too! If you have a fabulous frugal find, please leave a link in the comments 🙂

The Honest Co.

The Honest Company offers free discovery kits of their diapers, wipes and home essentials for the cost of shipping ($5.95). Once your receive your pack(s) you have 7 days to cancel your membership or they will ship a monthly supply at regular cost. The Honest Company’s baby care and cleaning products are derived from natural and organic ingredients and their disposable diapers are absorbent, eco-friendly, and uber cute. We are cloth diaper people but I like keeping a few sposies on hand for some sicknesses and emergency backups.


Nature Made VitaMelts

Target Sample Spot brings this fabulous little freebie. Nature Made’s VitaMelts are smooth melting and a tastier way to get your daily nutrients. Answer a short little questionnaire and your sample will be on it’s way to your door. On a side note, Target usually has great samples, you just have to watch for them and get them before they are gone!

All You Magazine

I love this magazine. I subscribe to this magazine (I am not some one who subscribes!). This magazine is so chock-full of high value coupons that you will wonder why you’ve never purchased it before. Now it is even better because you can get a $1.00 coupon for the Health & Wellness issue from

Scentsy Sale Month

This entire month is sale month for Scentsy! You can save on nearly everything in the catalog including any holiday items left (buy now for next Christmas!). AND they have a fabulous deal on solid perfumes (which I love – they last forever and are one of the few things that don’t irritate my skin).




A Nickle Here, A Penny There.

Most of you who know me personally, know that I’ve been working towards staying home and raising my children from before I even had my children. It has been a long process and unfortunately not finished just yet. One thing that has been getting me closer is trying out different things to earn money from home. With so many option out there (some bad, some good), I thought I would share what is working for me.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars pays cash for reading emails, taking surveys, watching videos, playing games and more. 90% of my time invested on this site is reading emails, 5% taking surveys and the other 5% taking advantage of some of the free offers. I know I would make more if I took advantage of the other  ways to make money with this site, but my time is valuable as well. Sticking mainly just to the emails, I was able to cash out ($30 minimum) within a month.

Paid Viewpoint

Paid Viewpoint is a survey site, but not the typical boring yawn inducing survey site. Surveys are typically short, enjoyable, and easily accomplished during nap time. Cash out is just $15, but it took me a little while longer to get there. You can take a survey each day (a trait survey) and based on those surveys you are offered biz surveys that pay more. Your goal is to reach a TraitScore of at least 9000, earning even more for each answer. You can also earn up to $25 for each referral.

Traditional Survey Sites

I also belong to Mindfield, Springboard America, MySurvey, MindsPay and a few other traditional survey sites. These sites can have great potential, but I find they also have more of the how much longer and will this ever end kind of surveys. Don’t get me wrong, I have earned money with them, but they also aren’t the ones I visit daily (more on a weekly basis).

Direct Sales

Who hasn’t been to a home party or even hosted a home party for a friend selling a great product? Direct sales can be a great way to earn money for necessities as well as for those extra treats. Most programs offer a commission scale, as well as promotions based on recruits, sales and events. Many programs exist, but you will have greater success if you chose one that you believe in, love the product and actually use the product. Personally, I chose Scentsy. I would love to talk to you about the products and the program so feel free to contact me 🙂

There are many, many more opportunities out there to make money at home from freelancing to crafts to marketing and more. I hope to try some out and let you know how they go. Do you have any tips you want share?

Endings and Beginnings

As another year draws to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the last 12 months. Marriage, raising toddlers, work and commitments have certainly kept us busy! B turned 3 and T turned 1, we celebrated our 9 year anniversary, I promoted to Lead Consultant with Scentsy (amazing company to work for by the way! Check out my website to see our amazing products or if you have questions about the opportunity) and I’m continually looking for ways to leave the traditional 9-5 in the past (I love my students, not so much the work anymore). As we look forward to the next year, we are ecstatic to welcome baby number 3 in the summer and to see where the Lord leads us. We are certainly blessed!


We have been apartment dwellers our entire adult life, and while the itch to paint and remodel like our home-owning friends hits every now and then, it is honestly still the best option for us at this point in our lives. However, there is one little thing that is ruthlessly attacking me these days (I don’t think would be much different if these walls belonged to us) and forces me to creatively think of solutions. The walls have grown evil faces and gnashing teeth. That, or maybe they’re just seeming to close in on me.

My husband hates when I go through these phases (probably because during two of them I managed to talk him into actually moving) but I find renewed energy in them. This weekend I started preparing for one of my favorite upcoming decluttering events, Three Bags Full, and it has brought up some interesting questions. One, how much stuff do we actually need, and two, if I get rid of enough will there be space for a third munchkin without moving (my husband gets a little shaky whenever I start down that path…)? I guess I’ll stick to the first question for now. 

Turns out, we really don’t need that much, and we have wwwwaaaaaayyyyy too much right now (especially in the way of clothes). So while I go write an apology to our trash man with coupons for Tylenol and ice packs and go get the Goodwill tubs from the basement, here are links to some great posts I’ve been reading for inspiration in tackling this project. Who knows, maybe I’ll eek out enough space for that third crib… 🙂

Superhero Snot Makers

My children should be renamed The Eternal Font of Everlasting Snot 1 & 2. Trying to clear their colds up and self-banishing us to the home front for one more day, I decided to tackle some spring cleaning (also everlasting, just sneakily renamed for the season, week, hour… in hopes of tricking us into thinking it will end at some point). Of course my beloved snot buckets wanted to help, so I handed out small age appropriate (in other words, things I don’t want to do) tasks and spent the morning alternating tissues and chores. When all was said and done (nap time), I went to clean them up and low and behold they have blue snot! This does not reflect on my daily dusting rituals (lack thereof) whatsoever. I apparently just have awesome blue dust making dust bunnies. And superhero snot makers.

Bread! Chocolate! Mommy Diva!

Oh, my poor husband. The diet is in full swing and I’m ALWAYS super moody mommy diva until my mind/body/wallet decide to get on track. Avoiding bread is like cutting off my right arm. Avoiding chocolate is like cutting off the rest of my body. Yet, here I am doing both. Every time I start a diet/eating plan/way of life/insert whatever you call your jaded belief of a weight loss program here/etc, I get excited, over share, and then fail. It isn’t about willpower, it is just about life getting in front of, around, and carried away with. So, I am simply taking it one day at a time and one day, one day I will post before and after pics. I’m already planning the outfit.

Matthew 4:4 “But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” 

See that? Biblical endorsement for chucking the bread once in a while.

Stay strong.

Pray for my hubster’s moody mommy diva spectrometer to not break.


Etsy and Maternity Leave?

So I’ve been put on bed rest. Joy. It’s temporary, but still annoying! I’ve taken this time and revamped my Etsy shop. It had been lying dormant for so long I’m honestly surprised it still remembered me. The reason behind all of this? Soon I’ll be on maternity leave. Now, my job doesn’t actually have paid maternity leave, we have medical leave (meaning this bed rest thing is eating into the paid time I saved for maternity leave) and at some point the paycheck is going to dwindle. So here’s my attempt to soften that as much as possible, and still keep food on the table for my soon to be expanding family :). Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!!