My Newest Obsession

We’ve cloth diapered from the minute our first little bean was big enough to fit them (she was preemie size and I couldn’t bring myself to buy teeny tiny cloth diapers for at most a month). I LOVE them. They ARE addictive. To date we have saved approximately $6000 by opting to use cloth (yes, that includes the cost of washing…). The only downside is that eventually they wear out. However, considering we’ve used some for almost 4 years, I’m ok with buying a few new.

The first thing that has worn out on us has been the micro terry inserts. Even after stripping them, there really is just so much they can handle before giving up the ghost. Since I prefer covers and inserts/prefolds to pockets, I’ve decided to replace them with these little gems:


These are bamboo terry flats by Sustainablebabyish. These little wonders come in four sizes (we buy medium since it covers the range my kids stay in the longest) and have three fluffy glorious absorbent layers of bamboo terry. When I first tried one on my super pee-er 18 month old, I was absolutely shocked at how much it held and how dry his skin felt. LOVE AT FIRST PEE. We’re in the process of replacing our micro terry and bird’s eye with these (they are a bit pricey at $10 each) and I can’t wait until we can diaper solely with bamboo.

Give these gems a try, you WILL be impressed! I buy 99% of our cloth diapers and accessories from I really can’t say enough good things about this store. Yes, this is an affliate link, use it or go straight to, I don’t care because you will fall in love with these at first pee too 🙂