Whhhaaat? It’s been how long?

So, I’m a blogger in my heart, truly, I am! Now to transpose that to action 🙂

This Friday, as I pulled up in front of the house after work, I noticed a package on the porch. Extreme giddiness shortly ensued when I realized it was from www.kellyscloset.com! B’s new diapers were here!! Yes, I do get THAT excited over cloth dipes. I decided to have an affair on my beloved FuzzyBunz and try out a couple Flips. Can I just say the Flip diaper is AWESOME?!?! Finally, a shell that I can use any insert in my stash and NO LEAKS! I love that I can just wipe out the shell, pop in a new insert (thus far I have tried prefolds and some small FB inserts, tomorrow I will try GroBaby inserts). The multiple snap settings are fabu 🙂 Will my affair turn longterm? I hope so, but FB will always be my first love 🙂

So what cloth diapers do you use AND love?