We have been apartment dwellers our entire adult life, and while the itch to paint and remodel like our home-owning friends hits every now and then, it is honestly still the best option for us at this point in our lives. However, there is one little thing that is ruthlessly attacking me these days (I don’t think would be much different if these walls belonged to us) and forces me to creatively think of solutions. The walls have grown evil faces and gnashing teeth. That, or maybe they’re just seeming to close in on me.

My husband hates when I go through these phases (probably because during two of them I managed to talk him into actually moving) but I find renewed energy in them. This weekend I started preparing for one of my favorite upcoming decluttering events, Three Bags Full, and it has brought up some interesting questions. One, how much stuff do we actually need, and two, if I get rid of enough will there be space for a third munchkin without moving (my husband gets a little shaky whenever I start down that path…)? I guess I’ll stick to the first question for now. 

Turns out, we really don’t need that much, and we have wwwwaaaaaayyyyy too much right now (especially in the way of clothes). So while I go write an apology to our trash man with coupons for Tylenol and ice packs and go get the Goodwill tubs from the basement, here are links to some great posts I’ve been reading for inspiration in tackling this project. Who knows, maybe I’ll eek out enough space for that third crib… 🙂