Superhero Snot Makers

My children should be renamed The Eternal Font of Everlasting Snot 1 & 2. Trying to clear their colds up and self-banishing us to the home front for one more day, I decided to tackle some spring cleaning (also everlasting, just┬ásneakily┬árenamed for the season, week, hour… in hopes of tricking us into thinking it will end at some point). Of course my beloved snot buckets wanted to help, so I handed out small age appropriate (in other words, things I don’t want to do) tasks and spent the morning alternating tissues and chores. When all was said and done (nap time), I went to clean them up and low and behold they have blue snot! This does not reflect on my daily dusting rituals (lack thereof) whatsoever. I apparently just have awesome blue dust making dust bunnies. And superhero snot makers.